BOILÉZÉ joins the French Fab

BOILISÉ et le coq bleu de la French Fab sur une machine de découpe laser

Joining the French Fab may seem like an abstract concept and we will explain to you what it means and why it is important for BOILISÉ and the French industry.

What is French Fab?

It is a banner under which all companies that share its values ​​can freely come together.

It is neither a regulated label nor a certification obtained after complex audits, it is entirely free. Donning the colors of French Fab is very simple: registration is done online, it takes 10 minutes flat. There is no verification, everything is based on moral commitment.

If we were to compare it to something more well-known, we'd say it's like wearing a t-shirt or displaying a " Black Lives Matter " sign on the street. It's a free slogan that everyone can reuse and which represents a strong message. Wearing it means showing that you adhere to these values, proclaiming loud and clear that this cause is yours.

The French Fab is the same for French industry: a way for companies to display and claim their commitments.

French Fab logo

What are the values ​​of La French Fab?

To begin with, French Fab only concerns companies with at least one industrial production site in France (metropolitan as well as overseas).

Companies that join French Fab place at the heart of their priorities:

  • 💡 Innovation as a lever for business development
  • 💻 Modernization of means of production and models, particularly via digital technology
  • ⚙️ Adapting work organization to new practices and training in new skills
  • 🌱 The ecological and environmental performance of production methods and products
  • 🌍 The development of an export and internationalization capacity to conquer global markets

In fact, the French Fab brings together ambitious companies, which project themselves into the future and are committed to innovating, developing internationally and playing together. These companies must be open to the developments brought about by digital technology, new technologies and, above all, the importance of environmental protection.

What is La French Fab used for?

The French Fab was launched in 2017 by the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, and it is essentially an effective and inexpensive way to contribute to the development of French industry.

For the French State, the deep ambitions of this standard are:

  • The acceleration of the technological, digital and ecological transformation of the industry
  • Networking of French players, also including French Tech and French Touch, to limit the feeling of isolation of entrepreneurs and develop synergies
  • The promotion and development of the visibility of French industries internationally by allowing them to display a recognized brand synonymous with excellence
  • Communication on both the support possibilities for businesses and the attractiveness of the environment

Companies of all sizes can directly benefit from these development ambitions. Concretely, by wearing the team jersey they benefit from the influence of this initiative and promote their activities and their commitment via a recognized brand. Whether it is to work internationally, promote your product, find new customers and partners or simply communicate about your activity, it is a free, easy and essential solution!

French Fab Banner

Why BOILÉZÉ joins French Fab?

We created BOILISÉ in July 2021 with 3 objectives:

  • Manufacture an eco-responsible product in France
  • Develop and share innovative woodworking methods
  • Contribute to job creation in our native region

We didn't know French Fab at that time and we were happily surprised to see that we shared the same values.

For a young e-commerce company, this is far from obvious. Today in France the model that seems to predominate in success stories and podcasts consists of: finding a subcontractor in China, financing a substantial advertising budget on Google and Facebook then delivering directly to customers without worrying about its carbon footprint .

We chose a more difficult path from the start, but there was no other option. Realizing that we are not alone in this process and being able to proudly wear the same jersey is an opportunity for BOILISÉ.

Throughout our adventure we will represent French Fab and contribute to its development.

BOILÉ and the French Fab

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