Noces de bois

Cadeau pour les 5 ans de mariage

Nous avons créé cet objet de décoration original pour fêter nos propres noces de bois.

Voici pourquoi il nous a séduits.

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Couple marrié

What does 5 years of marriage represent?

Every year of marriage is special and 5 years represents the first milestone anniversary .

A lot has happened in 5 years of living together. We get to know each other better as husband and wife, we sometimes expand the family, we sometimes acquire housing. These 5 years are inevitably full of ups and downs, life as a couple is not only made up of happy moments, and the important thing is to stay together even in difficult times.

This anniversary also represents a change in status: we are no longer considered newlyweds. Beyond status, many things change because routine sets in and it is necessary to keep the relationship alive.

If after all these events the couple remains united in marriage, the 5-year anniversary is an opportunity to mark the occasion and celebrate this union.

There are several ways to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary and tradition dictates that the event is associated with wood.

Forêt de bouleau

What are wooden weddings?

The association of matter with wedding anniversaries dates back to the 18th century. There are some variations depending on the country and in France the 5 years of marriage correspond to the wooden wedding .

Wood is quite a symbol for this anniversary.
Its nobility illustrates the importance of the 5-year marriage milestone.

Its solidity contrasts with those of previous weddings of cotton, leather, wheat and wax. After 5 years, the couple has built solid foundations on which the marriage can flourish. Like the roots of a tree, once firmly anchored in the ground, the sap can flow and the branches can develop.

Its flexibility and durability symbolize the resistance of the marriage to bad weather. Whatever the conditions or environment, wood knows how to deform and adapt while retaining its structure. The tree may lose its leaves in winter, but regain them in spring.

Finally, the wood remains of indeterminate nature. We found mahogany much later (27 years), cedar (49 years) and even oak (80 years, did you know that only 5 couples reached them in France?).

After 5 years, the marriage is still young and it is up to the couple to define over the course of their lives what it will be made of.

How to celebrate your wooden wedding anniversary?

For wooden weddings , it is customary to offer a symbolic wooden gift .
Wood has the advantages of being a trendy material associated with nature , eco-responsibility , craftsmanship and sustainability . More than the cost of the gift, what matters is its meaning for the couple.

With a classic gift :

  • A wooden jewel
  • A bookmark
  • A cutting board
  • A wooden game (checkerboard, etc.)
  • A wooden sculpture

With a woody experience :

  • Spend a night in a wooden cabin
  • To plant a tree
  • Participate in a carpentry workshop
  • Simply stroll in the forest

With a remarkable gift :

BOILISÉ offers you a gift that is symbolic , beautiful , eco-responsible , personal and regularly offers you the chance to re-project yourself into a place that matters to you .
We create and manufacture wooden and relief topographical maps in France. It is a unique and original gift to hang on the wall to decorate your interior with a place you love.

Souvenir d'un voyage de noces en Corse inoubliable

How to choose a painting to celebrate your wooden wedding anniversary?

What is the most important place for your relationship?

For some, it's the meeting place, where it all started. For others, it is the place of the marriage proposal, a moment etched forever in the memories. There are those who wish to find the location of the wedding ceremony, and those who simply prefer to illustrate their primary or even secondary residence. Finally, it is possible to simply illustrate a hike that you like to do as a couple, or a beach that you like to walk on!

The important thing is that the place evokes positive memories for the couple, and BOILISÉ takes care of the rest. If this magical place is not yet in the catalog we can add it for you.

All cards are customizable with variations to choose from: select water color, frame type and color.

Alliances posées sur une carte topographique en bois

How to make your wooden wedding gift unique?

A personal and meaningful gift for a wedding anniversary is the most important thing. In addition to the choice of location, variants and unique serial number, we offer you 2 customization options free of charge.

The maps are deliberately abstract to keep a natural and artistic appearance, without roads or toponymic indications, and it can sometimes be difficult to find your way. By adding a precisely geolocated punch you create a discreet and explicit landmark. You have the choice between 6 shapes (house, pin, heart, square, diamond, round) to describe the place in a discreet way with a slight recess of 3mm on the side.

The back of the painting is a mysterious place, most of the time invisible and forgotten but which can contain real treasures. Have you ever turned over an old photo of your grandparents and found a message from those times with emotion? We suggest you leave your message for posterity on the back of the painting. Choose a little personal note or an inspiring quote!

It is sometimes difficult to find the words, we have selected for you below the 4 quotes that we find most suitable:

It is sometimes difficult to find the words, we have selected for you below the 4 quotes that we find most suitable:
“To fall in love is to give relief to things, to incarnate ourselves again in the depth of the world, and to discover it richer, denser than we suspected. »

Pascal Bruckner

“What makes a couple last is not love, but tenderness. »

Armelle Hilmoine

“It’s not so much the marriage that’s wonderful. It is after ! »

Henri Salvador

“The world is so empty if you only imagine mountains, rivers and cities, but to know someone there with whom you get along, with whom you can live in silence, is is what makes this globe an inhabited garden. »


They celebrated their wooden wedding with us

Carte du Finistère Nord


Map of North Finisterre

I was looking for a gift for our wooden wedding. I really appreciated the originality of the concept: having a frame to scale and in wooden relief of a place close to our hearts. The result is great, the quality is there! »

Carte de la baie de Calvi


Map of Calvi Bay

Creation created and commissioned for a wooden wedding gift. The painting received is magnificent, my husband loved it! The result more than lived up to my expectations, really very high quality. »

Carte de l'Estuaire de la Gironde


Map of the mouth of the Gironde

Very beautiful quality paintings that can be personalized. BOILÉZÉ responds very quickly to requests.
Original gift idea.

Happy wooden weddings !

It was while looking for a wooden wedding gift that we decided to create BOILISÉ.
All orders for this occasion are treated with emotion and extra passion !