Assemblage minutieux d'une carte topographique en bois

The making

Our topographical maps are made of lasercut wood and assembled by hand in France.
Production, choice of materials and suppliers are carried out with an eco-friendly approach .
Each artwork is customizable .
The alliance of technology and craftsmanship
Les étapes de la conception 3D des cartes topographiques en bois de BOILISÉ

From satellite data

We use data from NASA 's SRTM mission and/or IGN data.

The result is to scale and representative of the relief of the recreated regions.

Contour lines are calculated by computer to create a 3D model.

Feuilles de bouleau extra-fines

With carefully chosen wood

We use ultra-thin sheets of birch wood (between 0.6mm and 1mm) sustainably produced by a Finnish family lumber mill.

Our artworks do not contain any plastic material, including in the packaging.

You can customize your map

Icone personnalisation
Color and framing

Choose from several options

Icone gravure
A message on the back

to leave to posterity

Icone poinçon
A geolocated punch

to highlight a particular place

Découpe au laser d'une planche de bois (bouleau) de 0.8mm d'épaisseur. Le laser au CO2 permet une précision de l'ordre de 0.1mm qui garantit la finesse du contour.

Precisely cut

We use a laser cutting machine to ensure the accuracy of the maps.

The cutting plans are optimized to reduce scrap and facilitate manual assembly.

Assemblage manuel des pièces

Assembled with patience

The water areas are hand painted with natural pigments.

All the pieces are glued one by one . There can be more than 500, some are less than 2 mm.

A precise and unique map

Capture d'écran GoogleMaps de la Réunion
Détails de la carte de la Réunion

Manufacturing on video

Our customers love their maps

Carte de l'Estérel montrée par un client

Cedric C.

Map of the Estérel massif

The finish is very careful and we find all the details of the coast and the reliefs of our region.

Carte de la Réunion en bois accrochée par un client

Laura M.

Map of Reunion

The map is magnificent, very well made, well detailed, even more beautiful in real life than in the photos on the site.

Carte de Saint Malo montrée par un client

Léa C.

Map of Saint-Malo

Magnificent painting, and passionate and very kind people to help us achieve the desired result.