Options guide

Frame options

Guide to types of framing

Color Options

Guide to Choosing Colors for Water Color Cards


Geolocated punch mark

You have the choice between 6 types of pictograms to mark a specific location on your map.

Guide to choosing geolocated punch shapes: diamond, round, cross, pin, heart or house

You will need to provide their GPS coordinates (we will reconfirm them with you to avoid any problems).



Engraving on the back

We will add the text of your choice to the back of the artwork for free.

By default, it will be in between quotation marks and in italics, if you add the name of an author for a quote we will include it on the line.


Other options

Would you like additional options?

Do not hesitate to ask us via the contact form or by email at contact@boilise.com.

We will do our best to meet your expectations.