2023 competition rules on Instagram

Article 1: object

The company BOILISÉ, SAS with capital of 5,000 euros, registered in the Register of
Commerce and Companies of Narbonne, under the number SIRET 900 830 217 and whose head office is located at 10 Avenue du Champ de Mars 11100 NARBONNE is organizing, from 03/01/2023 to 03/11/2023 inclusive, a free and competitive competition. without obligation to purchase under the conditions provided for in these regulations (hereinafter the “Organizing Company”).
Participation is recorded upon subscription, and a like and comment under the publication on the Instagram site accessible at the following address: https://www.instagram.com/boilise_
(Hereinafter “Instagram Account”).

The rules for this Game are available on the website https://www.boilise.com where all the mechanics of the Game are explained.

Article 2: Access to the game

BOILISÉ is organizing a competition on its Instagram account to allow a participant to win the topographical map of Martinique.
This free Game with no obligation to purchase is open to any natural person over 18 years of age, with the exception of staff members of the Game organizing structures, and any person having participated directly or indirectly in its organization or its achievement, as well as their spouse/partner and members of their family: ascendants and descendants, brothers and sisters.

Participation in the Game is limited to one participation per person.

The Organizing Company reserves the right to ask any participant to provide proof of these conditions. Any person not meeting these conditions or refusing to justify them will be excluded from the Competition and will not be able, in the event of a win, to benefit from the gift of the topographic map of Martinique. If it turns out that a participant has apparently won a prize in contravention of these rules or by fraudulent means, such as an automated search or the use of an algorithm, the use of email addresses or Instagram id known as “trash”, the prize in question would not be allocated to it and would remain the property of the Organizing Company, without prejudice to any legal action that may be taken against the participant by the Organizing Company or by third parties.

Participation in the Competition implies full and unreserved acceptance of these regulations in their entirety. It is specified that an individual can only win once.

Participation will be open from 01/03/2023 to 11/03/2023 inclusive by connecting to the site https://www.instagram.com/boilise_/ or via any hyperlink, url or button posted online and redirecting to the competition.

This game is not managed or sponsored by Instagram, which the Organizing Company disclaims from all liability. The information given will be transmitted to BOILISÉ and not to the above-mentioned companies. This information is only used to contact participants in this competition.

Article 3: BOILISÉ Charter and terms of the Competition

Article 3-1 BOILISÉ Charter

To participate in the competition, it is necessary to have internet access. Access to the Game is exclusively online.
Each participant declares to have read the complete rules and principles of this Game. To participate in the Game, each participant must respect this BOILISÉ charter:
Each participant must comment on the Instagram photo associated with the competition by “tagging” 2 contacts in the same comment, “liking” this same photo and subscribing to the BOILISÉ Instagram account.

Article 3-2 Terms of the Game

To participate in the Game, the participant must:

  1. Go to the competition internet address mentioned in article 1;
  2. Have an Instagram account;
  3. Accept and respect these Game Rules, in particular the requirements mentioned in the BOILISÉ Charter detailed in article 3-1 hereof;
  4. Comment and "like" the Instagram photo associated with the competition, "tag" 2 contacts in the comment, subscribe to the Instagram account @boilise_

The participant's participation will be considered complete if the 4 points mentioned above are cumulatively fulfilled.

Any incomplete participation or completed in a manner that contravenes this
settlement will be considered void.

Each participant will only be able to participate once.

Any entry form that is incomplete, inaccurate or does not comply with these regulations will be considered void. Any form of fraud or attempted fraud, for example creating false identity information in order to participate multiple times, will be declared void. The Organizing Company reserves the right to eliminate from the Game any entry form which does not comply with these rules, in particular any incomplete or illegible entry form.

Article 4: Date and duration

The Game runs from 03/01/2023 to 03/11/2023 11:59 p.m. The Organizer reserves the right to extend the participation period and postpone any announced date.

Article 5: Designation of winners and publication of results

In order to designate the winners of the Competition, a draw among the participants will be carried out by the Organizing Company, on 03/12/2023 among all the participants who have complied with the terms of these regulations on Instagram and on Facebook.

The winners will only be contacted by Instagram via private message.
Any entry containing a false declaration or an erroneous and/or incomplete declaration and/or not complying with these Rules drawn at random will be considered void and will result in the designation of another participant by a new draw. The new draw will take place as mentioned in this article.

Article 6: Grants

The prize at stake is as follows:
• 1 BOILIZED painting worth €145 (Map of Martinique).

Free delivery and customization options remain free as part of this allocation.

Delivery of the prize is subject to the terms and conditions of BOILISE which can be consulted via the following link:https://www.boilise.com/policies/terms-of-sale .
The prizes described above are not accessible to a third party and will not be taken back or exchanged for other objects or services whatever their value, nor will they be the subject of any compensation in cash or by check. . If the winner does not want to or cannot take possession of his painting, he will not be entitled to any compensation of any kind.

The Organizing Company reserves the right to replace this table with other prizes equivalent in terms of their values ​​and characteristics, for any reason whatsoever, without their liability being incurred in this regard.

The Organizing Company will not be responsible under any circumstances if the contact details do not correspond to those of the winner, are incorrect, incomplete or if the winner remains unavailable.
The winner agrees to accept the prizes as offered, without having the possibility of exchanging them for cash or other goods or services of any nature whatsoever.

Article 7: Delivery or withdrawal of the lot

In order to benefit from their prize, the winner must communicate their contact details to the Organizing company following the announcement of the results and, if applicable, it will be sent to them by private message on Instagram.
The Organizing Company will personally inform the winner by private message (Instagram) on the account used to participate in the competition. The winner will then be asked to confirm their participation and acceptance of their winnings.
At the end of a period of 3 days, without a response to the message inviting the winner to confirm their participation and acceptance of the winnings, the winner will have lost the prize.

The prize will then be awarded to another participant. The designation of this participant will be made in accordance with article 5 hereof.
If the Facebook or Instagram account is no longer active or does not correspond to that of the winner, or if for any other reason linked to technical problems preventing the information email from being sent correctly, the Organizing Company cannot no case held responsible. Likewise, it is not the responsibility of the Organizing Company to search for contact details of winners who cannot be contacted due to a “hacked” or invalid or inactive account, or an incorrect email address.

Lots not withdrawn:
A winner who cannot be reached, or who does not respond within 3 days to the message inviting them to confirm their personal details to benefit from the prize, will not be able to claim any prize, compensation or compensation of any kind whatsoever. .
The prizes awarded are personal and non-transferable. Furthermore, the winnings cannot under any circumstances be the subject of any dispute on the part of the winner, nor of an exchange or any other consideration of any nature whatsoever.

Article 8: Free participation

No financial compensation, nor expense in any form whatsoever, will be claimed from participants as a result of their participation. No costs incurred for participation in the Game via the Internet will be reimbursed, including any connection costs.

Article 9: Uses of personal data

The personal data collected as part of participation in the game are processed, recorded and used by the Organizing Company for the purpose of properly managing this Game and notifying the winner(s).
In accordance with the “Data Protection Act” of January 6, 1978, amended on August 6, 2004, participants benefit from a right of access, opposition, rectification or deletion of information concerning them.

Any request must be sent by post to the organizer's address mentioned in article 1. The participant will indicate his/her first and last name and postal address. In accordance with current regulations, their request must be signed and accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document bearing their signature and specifying the address to which the response must be sent.

A response will then be sent to them within 2 months of receipt of the request, postmarked as proof.

Article 10: Liability

The Participant acknowledges and accepts that the organizer's only obligation under the Game is to submit the collected participation slips to the draw, provided that his or her participation complies with the terms and conditions of these Rules, and return the prize to the /to the winner, according to the criteria and terms defined in these Regulations.
The Organizer cannot be held responsible, without this list being exhaustive, for any technical, hardware or software failure of any nature whatsoever, the risks of contamination by possible viruses circulating on the network and the lack of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation.
Participation in the Game implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet both with regard to technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring information.

Article 11: Force majeure / reservations

The organizer cannot be held liable if, due to force majeure or beyond its control, the game has to be modified, shortened or canceled.
Information relating to the deletion or modification of this Game would be displayed like these regulations at the following address https://www.boilise.com and would be the subject of an amendment.
The organizer reserves the right to carry out any verification that it deems useful, relating to compliance with the Regulations, in particular to exclude any participant who has made an inaccurate, misleading or fraudulent declaration.

Article 12: Disputes – applicable law

The Regulations are governed by French law. The parties will endeavor to resolve amicably any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of these Regulations. If the disagreement persists, it will be submitted to the competent courts.

Article 13: Acceptance and consultation of the Regulations

The simple fact of participating in this Game implies pure and simple acceptance of these regulations and the arbitration, as a last resort, by BOILISÉ without dispute.
No telephone requests or complaints regarding
the application or interpretation of these regulations. Any dispute or
Complaints relating to the Game and/or the draw must be made in writing to the organizer. No dispute will be taken into account eight days after the close of the Game.