BOILISÉ exhibited at the 2023 European Crafts Days

BOILISÉ exposait aux Journées Européennes des métiers d'art 2023

“We know the craftsman at work.”

It is with these words from Jean de la Fontaine that the orca point of the European Crafts Days in Occitanie was launched with the exhibition at the Narbo Via museum in Narbonne.

BOILÉ exhibition at the museum

What are JEMAs?

The European Crafts Days (JEMA) are an event that takes place throughout Europe. Their aim is to highlight artistic crafts and introduce the general public to the richness and diversity of this know-how.

In France, the JEMAs are organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, in collaboration with the Regions, the Departments, the Municipalities, the Chambers of Trades and Crafts, the Ateliers d'Art de France and many others partners.

The JEMA program includes exhibitions, demonstrations, workshops, workshop visits, conferences, concerts, shows and many other events. The opportunity to discover artistic crafts in all their diversity, to meet artisans and benefit from their know-how.

The importance of artistic crafts for BOILISÉ

This is the first time that we are participating in an event labeled “Métier d’Art” and it is a real milestone in the recognition of the artisanal dimension of our work.

You should know that the artistic professions are a particularly standardized universe: there is a list of 281 precisely defined professions (from mosaicist to lacemaker), most of which correspond to ancient know-how.

When you present a creation that essentially requires painstaking manual work but which has a laser machine as its starting point, teeth gnash.

Fortunately, the Occitanie region has a modern vision of craftsmanship and has made a strong commitment to highlight them through events of this type, it is a win-win strategy for everyone:

  • The general public discovers unique and inspiring know-how, such as the leathers of Alek Atelier , the photos of Laurie Gerling , the furniture of CKArtisan , the creative ceramics of Florent Hodel and many others…
  • The artisans gain notoriety in a sumptuous setting and share their experience with visitors and co-exhibitors.

The 3 of us at the jema stand

For BOILISE in particular, it was also an opportunity to:

  1. Demonstrate our know-how with an “exceptional piece” measuring 60 x 100 cm exhibited in the main gallery of the museum,
  2. Validate our artisanal approach with real recognition from the Chamber of Trades,
  3. Proudly presenting our “home” work for the first time.

A weekend with a very special flavor (which is also interesting from a business point of view), which we hope will appeal to many others.

Thank you for organizing this event and see you soon for future exhibitions!

The exceptional work

Exceptional work close view

For the event, we created an exceptional work: a large map of the Spanish border along the Pyrenees in relation to the theme of the year 2023 (Spain).

This is the largest card we have made and we have added a white mat for the occasion. This inspired us to continue in this direction for our new cards, with great success already!

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