The press and media are talking about BOILISÉ!

La presse et les médias parlent de BOILISÉ !

The press and media highlighted BOILISÉ's quality work and passion for wooden cartography and interior decoration.

They talk about BOILIS É

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The regional press

BOILISÉ made the strong choice to settle in Narbonne in Occitanie. The regional press helps us establish ourselves locally and shine nationally.

A real surprise, BOILIS É is on the front page of Midi-Libre!

Midi-Free Logo

“Proud to manufacture in Occitania”

the front page of the free lunchtime alone

We were proud and honored to see us on the front page of the famous Occitanie newspaper!

Our presence as an exhibitor in Paris at the Made In France show in November 2022 interested the local press, hungry for good news and looking for “local champions” in these sometimes difficult times.
The article appeared a few days before the start of the MIF show, and thanks to it several visitors came to visit us.
Le Midi Libre traces the internal life of BOILIS É, its history and its concept. With an emphasis on technological and entrepreneurial aspects that combine our company, then on our growth within the Greater Narbonne Business Incubator.
Here is a copy of the article, it was followed by several others during the show.

scan of the entire article boiled midi-free

Logo of the independent

“The alliance of technology and craftsmanship”

Since our launch, L'Indépendant wanted to highlight BOILIS É and our concept combining technology and craftsmanship.

Topographic relief maps made with thin boards of birch wood have two faces. One is technological with the use of satellite data and a laser cutting machine, and the other is artisanal with the manual assembly of 200 to 300 pieces of wood 0.6 to 1mm thick. Meticulous work that Lauren carries out with a lot of patience!

RTS logo

“Trendy, local and eco-friendly gift idea”

Every year during the month of December, it is difficult to find a gift for loved ones and even more so when looking for an original, trendy, local and ecological gift. This is why RTS always gives ideas for eco-responsible gifts to put under the tree before Christmas.

In 2022 RTS has chosen to present the works of our company BOILIS É .

RTS is a local radio, so it highlights the fact that the company is located in Narbonne and that several maps are regional such as Narbonne and the Massif de la Clape , La Côte Vermeille , Leucate , Sète or even the Massif des Albères .

The local radio highlights the production of topographical maps to order with its personalization options offered by BOILIS É , allowing customers to choose the region of their choice and personalize the details of their map (the choice of frame, the desired color as well as the desired engraving on the back of the painting).

Echo du Languedoc logo

“Produce in an eco-responsible way”

L'Écho du Languedoc is a newspaper intended for professionals, it wanted to highlight the values ​​of BOILIS É in an interview with the Narbonnais founder Yohan.

From the United States to France and from engineering to entrepreneurship, Yohan and Lauren decided to settle in Narbonne and tell how their support from the Pépinière Éole du Grand Narbonne was an advantage when starting the business .

The decoration press

BOILIS É creates topographical maps in wood and relief which aim to integrate your interior decoration as an original painting and bearer of history. Two famous decoration and art magazines have highlighted these points.

Art&Deco logo

“A unique and original decorative object”

Art&Déco cover and article

Art & Decoration , the reference magazine in its field, offers its readers the opportunity to unlock the secret of successful decorations and provides original decorative solutions.

In the December issue, they chose to present our work as an innovative choice for wall art.

The article highlights the originality and precision of topographical maps, which form a unique and original work of art for each client. He also highlights that well-known regions such as Lake Annecy, Reunion Island, Marseille and the Arcachon Bay are becoming eco-responsible wall decorations.

Home & Garden Logo

“Relief maps designed like works of art”

Cover and article Maison&Garden

Maison & Jardin ” is a Lifestyle, Decoration, Art of living magazine. He chose to present BOILIZED to his readers by emphasizing the reinvention of the traditional topographical map.

Our wooden boards are described as a unique gift for each customer due to the concept of made-to-order and the numbering of the cards.

Finally, the magazine highlights our eco-responsible approach and our innovative manufacturing process combining technology and craftsmanship.

Design & trend blogs

BOILIS É has ​​also caught the eye of influential design and trend bloggers.

Logo Blog Esprit Design
The map becomes decorative and inspiring”

Blog Esprit Design is an essential blog in the world of design and decoration.

In this original article , he presents our cards as memories of a lifetime, emphasizing their decorative and inspiring aspect.

BED is particularly sensitive to several of the strong choices we have made: customization, our artisanal manufacturing method and our eco-responsible commitments.

Zozomum et cie logo

“Offering love and travel”

Zozomum , aka Aurélie, is a mom blogger whose blog is a source of decoration, travel and family inspiration for many French women.

Looking for a personalized gift, she fell in love with BOILISÉ and dedicated an article to us which highlights the order she placed with us .

She chose to illustrate the location of her first romantic trip with her husband (who is also passionate about woodworking) and personalized her card with great attention.

The result lived up to her expectations and we are delighted that she recommended our work with such enthusiasm.

Monsieur cocorico logo

“Offering love and travel”

Monsieur Cocorico is called “the reference for Made In France”. It highlights French Made In France brands by presenting their work and their creations in order to help them in their online development.

BOILIS É had the honor of being chosen among the best of French manufacturing.

In the article , topographical maps are highlighted through their eco-responsible and ethical values. The emphasis is mainly placed on the quality and origin of the materials used, carefully chosen for their aesthetic appearance and durability.

Here is a short summary of BOILIS É ’s presence in the press:

summary of articles on boilisé

If you would also like to talk about our work, do not hesitate to consult our media kit or contact us directly!

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