The Gironde estuary is available in brown on BOILISÉ

L'estuaire de la Gironde se décline en brun sur BOILISÉ

Using the same model as the Bay of Bourgneuf, we have recreated the Gironde estuary in our catalog.

From Soulac-sur-Mer to La Palmyre via Royan and Saint-Palais-sur-Mer you will find your little corner of paradise whether it is linked to the memorable memory of a summer on this magnificent coast or simply your home .

The iconic Cordouan lighthouse can also be spotted thanks to the plateau on which it rests, and we have not forgotten the new island or unnamed island which only appeared in the middle of the estuary in 2009.

Map of the Gironde estuary with a sea with brown gradients, seen from three quarters

To highlight the hills of the Combots d'Ansoine forest and the dunes of Soulac beach, we deliberately exaggerated the vertical scale of the map and created an additional level.

Two maps of the Gironde estuary side by side on a wooden chest of drawers: the water is navy blue on the first and brown on the second

Once again at the request of a customer, we were forced to innovate. It is true that by retaining brown tones the paintings retain a natural side that is dear to us. We therefore introduced a brown version of this region, with a gradient of natural oils which allowed us to color the foreshore (the technical name of the area submerged at high tide and exposed at low tide) with an intermediate tone which keeps all the reflective properties of our wood sheets.

With its elegant design and reduced price, this painting will make the perfect Christmas gift for all Gironde lovers!

If you also have specific requests, we are here to listen to you and will find a solution!

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